Emergency number: 112

About Us

Tallinna Kiirabi (Tallinn Emergency Medical Service -TEMS) is Tallinn’s emergency medical service provider for locals and tourists in Tallinn and its wide surroundings. Institutionalized by the City of Tallinn. We provide the service with 23 ambulance crews on a 24 hour basis.

  • 23
    Ambulance teams
  • 10
    Spare off duty ambulance teams and vehicles
  • 520
    Qualified doctors, nurses, ambulance technicians

Our 480 doctors, nurses and ambulance technicians are professionals who respond to your urgent medical need within minutes. Their disciplined manner, reliable way of working and fast response to your need of urgent medical care will give you the feeling of getting the necessary support.

Tallinn’s strategic location means we need to be prepared for several kinds of accidents and disaster situations. Therefore that we have 10 cars in reserve with the necessary disaster equipment – a field hospital is ready for transportation in a special trailer.

In addition to our 24 hour medical and emergency service we provide ordered transportation throughout Estonia and in cooperation with our partners, abroad. You will also find us at festivals and different events offering medical care when needed.

Tallinna Kiirabi Training Centre offers trainings to our personnel at the highest possible level in knowledge and skills. The training centre also offers training programs to external organisations and individuals. In recent years more trainees from different sectors of medicine or society – professionals from defence forces, family medicine, dental care services, etc, have benefited from our training programs.


Tallinna Kiirabi is the first partner to provide emergency help to the citizens and tourists of Tallinn and its surroundings. We are a partner in providing medical transportation services in and outside Estonia and safeguarding a wide range of public and private events. We intensively cooperate with the police, rescue service and other institutions to secure daily life in Tallinn in the best possible way.


Tallinna Kiirabi is the leading organisation in ambulance emergency service in Estonia exclusively covering the northern region of the country and is the main supporter to ambulance services in other areas. Our best optimized logistics and emergency services are on the same professional level as ambulance organisations in other EU countries.