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First aid training

Many of our colleague ambulances services in Estonia are purchasing trainings from Tallinna Kiirabi on a regular basis. Other public organisations who have, next to their core activity, a medical duty are also being taught by us. An example is the Estonian Defense Forces. The feedback we get in general is that we offer the best quality compared to other providers. It is a great honour that we are mentioned as the leader in our field.

In addition to our wide range of trainings we also provide qualification trainings: Ambulance Technician (400 hours), Leading Nurse (240 hours). Everyone can attend our trainings and prepare oneself for a new profession. In order to work in the field one has to satisfy a few demands. Ambulance technician - secondary education, leading nurse - relevant education and 2 years of working experience as a nurse.

First Aid training

Our first aid training program can be very useful to guarantee safety and in emergency situations in your organisation. First aid to colleagues in need of immediate medical care before an ambulance or doctor arrives can be critical. It is better to prepare yourself in advance for those situations instead of finding out afterwards - with the hope that those occasions never actually occur.